”Great training model.. I was convinced very quickly that I was talking to a child."
~ Feedback session participant 2016
”A wonderful idea and a well done job! I found it very interesting to try this training model and I can see a great potential in the further development of the training model.”
~ Feedback session participant 2016
”It would be a great tool for both caregivers, teachers and socialworkers to practice having difficult conversations with children.”
~ Feedback session participant 2016
“I like the model as a training method, the result is nice and believable already!”
~ Feedback session participant 2016


Participate in lectures from distance. Develop your abilities in child investigative interviewing using a unique training model. This distance based model provides great flexibility in a way that saves time and costs. You will not be required to go to any physical location while gaining access to state of the art education and technology.


The web-based solution makes it easier for you as a customer. No need to download any software. Simply login and connect to a “training room” / cross-examination room and meet Carl the avatar. The avatar is controlled by one of our instructors and will allow you to experience a more immersive training experience than previously possible with traditional training methods.


The courses are taught by experts in child investigative interviewing. You will have lectures within a group and each one will contain both theoretical and discussion based portions. After the lectures you will be split into smaller groups and participate in avatar based interview training sessions using our unique technology.

Standard Package

Vulnerable children need to have the opportunity to meet with adults who have the capacity to engage in sensitive conversations. AvBIT offers unique possibilities, suitable for many professions, that allow people to engage in realistic training simulations of conversations with children and the opportunity for lessons from experts in investigative interviewing.

♦ Lecture about the fundamental methodology of interviewing children,
4 hours.
♦ Avatar session. Group conversation training using avatar based methodology and feedback. 6 participants per group and instructor,
4 hours.
♦ Analysis. Participants analyze both their own and other group members interviews with the aid of a feedback manual. This will be done individually.
♦ Follow-up lesson 1. Participants and instructor discuss, the analysis, with the avatar session group, 2 hours.
♦ Follow-up lesson 2. After 1-2 months participants discuss, their own experiences of authentic child interviews, with an instructor, 2 hours.


AvBIT Labs is highly engaged with child issues and has had many years of experience with psychology and crime investigation. We combine this with innovative technology that has clear benefits for vulnerable children. We look forward to answering any questions, concerns and queries you may have.

Pär Stihl
Founder CEO
Police Inspector

Kevin Dalli
Research and Development

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